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Welcome to my Website

The world of Dermatology has radically changed since I first began my career in Cambridge in 1990. We now have a wide variety of medical and aesthetic treatments to treat most hair, skin and nail conditions together with unwanted features of sun damage and aging.

That being said, there are many bogus treatments over-promising miraculous cures and it can be difficult for the public to distinguish between them. Such treatments can often lead to delays in patients seeking appropriate medical intervention.

Dr Coleman’s clinic is first and foremost a highly confidential medical Dermatology clinic where all treatments are carried out by herself or her highly trained and closely supervised team of Specialist Dermatology Nurses. Each staff member has developed their own individual areas of interest and expertise and partakes in continuing medical education.

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide you with unbiased, expert information about dermatological conditions, treatments and products. We have absolutely no financial ties with any company.

Our intention is to deliver skin health and as clear, fresh, healthy and natural looking a complexion as possible, free of rashes, redness, pigmentation and discomfort.

The over-riding philosophy in our clinic is that ‘Nothing must be noticed’ (Bunny Mellon 2010).